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Mixars Uno Mixer

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Distributore italiano MPI Electronic.

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Mixars Uno Mixer

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Bologna, Italy, January 2 , 2016:
MIXARS is pleased to announce the UNO


The Mixars UNO is a solid two-channel professional-grade DJ mixer with some great basic features.

The Mixars UNO has great build quality with a full-metal chassis, Hi/low pass filter on each channel, sturdy faders, and the exclusive Galileo Kallisto as Crossfader. http://djworx.com/mixars-galileo-kallisto-fader-range/

Kallisto is a “razor sharp” contactless dual-rail crossfader that will ensure smooth operation and control during long-term usage.

2 channel Mixer with 7 inputs
Booth Output with independent Volume
XLR Master Output
Channel Reverse and Curve adjustment
2 Auxiliary Input
Combo Jack Mic input with dedicated EQ and dedicated volume control
Crossfader with reverse switch and curve adjustment
curve adjustment and reverse on all faders
Hi/low pass filter on each channel
full digital processing for clear sound quality
Monitoring mode Cue-Master
RCA AUX Input and Mini-jack Aux Input on the Top Panel
Dual headphones outputs (1/4″ and mini-jack)
Phono/line input on each channel
AUX-IN with dedicated volume control
Level meter for each channel


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