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Giordano Arlotti (aka "The Animal DJ" & "Giordy DJ") was born in Bologna on 24 April 1974. Up from an early age began to cultivate a passion for pop music (particularly rock) and electronics, this gets him over the years to combine the two passions. The real opportunity comes Jan. 11, 1992, Saturday, when asked by his friends, to pay his records for a party. That night the guy who was supposed to DJ lacks the commitment and then asked Giordano to replace it. He likes to mix so much that he decided to continue on his own as a hobby. A few months later know, Euforia (local afternoon that he attended with his friends and which later became resident DJ in 1997), DJ Devil who would soon become his mentor and his friend. In the following years, will join as shoulder, his friend in the premises of the province of Bologna (Made in BO, kilowattore, Matis Club, Favole D'Estate, Don Quixote, Slap and many others). The genres played by Giordano in this period are many (from Rock to POP, Dance to the House and R'n'B Rap) and led him to be an extremely versatile DJ. In those years will receive his new stage name: The Animal DJ (nickname due to the rough manners and appearance scruffy he had in the past and which created various urban legends). Finally in 1997, comes his big chance replacing his friend Devil as resident DJ at "Les Bains Douches" (new name Euforia). From then on, independent play in many local winter and summer Bologna (Les Bains Douches, Freego, Living Club, Slap, Laguna, Ciak and others) until 2000. In September 2000, rinfiancherà Devil as a resident DJ at the social center "Cà dei Mandorli" in San Lazzaro (BO). This collaboration will continue until the summer of 2008. In September 2008, became Resident DJ at the "Cà dei Mandorli" on Saturday night (lower hall). In August of the following year becomes the victim of a serious motorcycle accident that among hospitalization and rehabilitation operations, forces him to almost a year of inactivity. In this period of "forced stop" begins to experiment with new techniques of mixing and DJing with the use of computers and specialized software (Traktor, Virtual DJ Pro and Ableton Live) that will become its new standard work. In the summer of 2010, again occasionally his work as DJ at some local Bolognese (Villa Serena, Cà dei Mandorli and others). At the time, Jordan is engaged in evenings in small clubs / local, private parties, community centers and public events. Parallel to his work as a DJ since 1999 Giordano is also a producer of electronic music. At the time, he has got about 20 tracks produced but no official publication.

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MkII – Recensione


A settembre scorso, Native Instruments ( www.native-instruments.com ) rilascia sul mercato le nuove versioni dei suoi controller All-in-One per il DJing (la Kontrol S4 e la Kontrol S2). DiJ.it non poteva astenersi dal provare questi nuovi controller che sicuramente lasceranno un’impronta significativa nel mondo dei DJ digitali, quindi abbiamo preso contatto con il distributore italiano per NI (MIDI Music S.r.l.) che ci ha, gentilmente, fornito un’esemplare di Traktor Kontrol S2 MkII per fare la recensione.

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Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 – Recensione


Sempre più spesso i giovani (ma anche i meno giovani) DJ digitali stanno prendendo coscienza del fatto che, se si vuole rimanere competitivi nell’attuale mercato dei DJ, bisogna espandere le proprie competenze musicali oltre la normale selezione musicale per approdare alla produzione propria (che può spaziare dal remix personalizzato del brano X alla creazione del brano completamente originale).

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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 – Recensione


Poco tempo fa Native Instruments ha presentato il suo nuovo prodotto di punta, Traktor Kontrol Z2, che è un punto di svolta all’interno della sua catena produttiva. Infatti, non si tratta di un nuovo controller ma di un mixer digitale, con funzionalità Stand Alone, completamente dedicato alla nuova versione del suo software per il digital DJing: Traktor Scratch Pro.

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